T1D Mod Squad

T1D Mod SquadT1D Mod Squad is a registered nonprofit organization whose mission is to equip and support the parents and caregivers of children diagnosed with Type One Diabetes.

T1DMS was founded by Rebekah Hata after her child Ava was diagnosed with T1D at 18 months. Bekah found herself feeling alone and hopeless. She started a Facebook page where she could connect with other families walking the same journey. T1DMS is the shelter where T1D families meet when they struggle in their day to day journeys. The FB page has now become a nonprofit organization serving over 15K families all over the world. What differentiates T1DMS from other nonprofits is the space they have created is one in which the money raised goes directly back to the families that belong to the group. All proceeds are used to give families grants for diabetes supplies, diabetic alert dogs, or to send kids to diabetes camp.

Ana Reinhardt joined Bekah in her mission one year after her son was also diagnosed with T1D. Ana enjoys taking the lead role in organizing educational events throughout the US including organizing annual educational symposiums, Mod meet ups, and ADA 504 workshops.

Together Ana and Rebekah work diligently in making sure families have a safe place where they can share challenges and celebrate victories as a community navigating the unknown territory of T1D together.

“T1DMS has grown exponentially and the more families we reach, the more we know we are the nonprofit the T1D community needs.” Rebekah Rap