Our History

Meet the founder - being diagnosed.

Kris Maynard founded the company Glucose Revival after being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. When he was three years into hhis military career his life changed when he was diagnosed with Diabetes that forced him out of the military.

He then became a Firefighter/EMT. He shares “The EMT classes I took taught me the basics about diabetes, but my actual learning came through life’s lessons. The doctor who diagnosed me with diabetes told me it was better to have lower blood sugars because of the long-term damage high blood sugar causes to the major organs. Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness, amputations, heart attacks, and strokes.”

Low Blood Sugar caused Loss of Job 
Before Thrive Glucose, part of Kris’ story: The day I will never forget. Working at the fire station, one never knows when one will be called upon to help. This time just happens to be around midnight, in a deep sleep. We were awoken to lights and tones being dispatched to automatic fire alarms. I remember walking like a zombie and climbing up into the driver’s seat and freezing. My captain was yelling, “Let’s go, let’s go,” but I didn't respond. My captain asked if I was OK. Quickly I figured out, with the help of others, my blood sugar was low. Someone else took my spot, I was left behind and was brought to sit down and tested my blood sugar, which was 46. I immediately was given glucose gel, and within 5 minutes was back to 86. I then went back to my room worried how I let this happened and worried what consequences would transpire. The next morning, I was was told I was jeopardizing others by placing people and other firefighters at risk because I couldn’t guarantee a low blood sugar from ever happening again.

This is when I started taking diabetes seriously. It now was affected my family. My Endocrinologist and I decided it was best to get started on a insulin pump and controlled glucose monitoring (CGM). I then started testing different diets. Weeks, months and 2 years went by as I fought to get the job I loved so much back which I hold it to this day.

Thrive Glucose is born.

On a camping trip with my two boys, after we finished our marshmallow roast and went to bed the next thing I knew, an ambulance crew was rubbing glucose gel in my mouth. My blood sugar dropped again and I started convulsing. My son gave me glucagon, but I didn’t respond so he called 911 and waited 25 minutes for their arrival. The 1st thing the ambulance crew did was - administer glucose gel to my gums. They waited around for a few minutes to ensure I was ok, watching me eat and drink to get more carbohydrates within me and they cleared me from not having to be transported to the hospital. I wondered for the next few hours how I let this happen. My son asked, “why don’t we have glucose gel.”

The next day, I took some straws (heated them together), added a Medical Alert badge to it, and filled the straws with glucose gel. Now I had a wearable form of treatment for my next low blood sugar.

At my next endocrinologist appointment she noticed my necklace and asked what I was wearing. I explained my quick fix, and she said, “What a simple solution to an all too common problem; you need to make this available to everyone.” This was the birth of the Glucose Revival - Thrive Glucose Medical Alert.

The Thrive Glucose necklace is discreet, carries 15g of glucose gel, and is immediately available to the person who needs it and/or for those who may be around to help. This provides the quickest way for those who suffer with low blood sugars, to have what EMT’s use and not have to wait for them.

Why we exist.

Our product is not only for people with diabetes, it’s just personal to us as we found out our son will have diabetes too. We wanted a solution that would be immediately available and fast acting.

There are 30 million people living with diabetes in the USA and 96 million with pre-diabetes as the worlds fastest growing disease. Those with diabetes is at risk of low blood sugar emergencies. On average, adults aged 18 years or older visit the emergency room 282,000 times for hypoglycemic episodes. The Thrive Glucose necklace can help all avoid emergency room visits and provide a safety window not available until now.

We want to help with the most common emergency associated with diabetes: hypoglycemia / low blood sugar emergencies.

Not enough is being done for those living with this disease and we want to change that!!

The American Diabetes Association recommends every person with diabetes to carry 15 grams of glucose. Thrive Glucose necklace provides this in an easy to carry, easy to find, and easy to use form. I don’t want to see another job lost because of diabetes or because of a low blood sugar. People shouldn’t have to wait for what EMT’s use, because every minutes counts!!

Just imagine, not having to worry about running, biking, swimming, camping, dancing, hiking, skiing and most of all LIVING, living without the worry of how to take care of the next low blood sugar.