Healthcare workers with Diabetes can recieve a FREE Thrive Glucose Necklace!

Help us get Thrive Glucose Necklaces to our heroes with Diabetes on the front lines

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Spokane entrepreneur donates glucose necklaces to healthcare workers

Read more about what Glucose Revival is doing for the front-line healthcare workers during this crisis.

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Did you know 75% of EMT's can't give Glucagon? Did you know those 75% use Glucose gel instead? Guessing game is over for "which" Glucose gel is correct because 90% of gels on the market are for endurance athletes, which means, it won't kick in for nearly 20-40 minutes.
Thrive and Thrive Jr is the only glucose gel that speaks to the person who needs it. The "Blue Circle" as the symbol of Diabetes. This is why we worked so hard to get permission to use it on our Medical Alert. This means, immediate recovery for low blood sugar or high quick energy for the athlete who needs the energy now!! Always there when you need it.

Live your best life with our glucose medical alert necklaces!

Glucose Revival believes you should live your best life. The way we help you live your best life is through products that are safe, effective, and easy to use. We just happen to make products for people with diabetes.

Thrive Glucose Gel Medical Alert Necklaces

  • Thrive 15g Fast Acting Gel Delivery Necklace
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  • Thrive JR 10g Fast Acting Gel Delivery Necklace
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  • Replenish 30g Fast Acting Glucose Gel Necklace Refill Device
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  • Find a Cure for Diabetes - License Plate Cover
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  • Thrive 15g Fast Acting Gel Delivery Necklace (5-pack)
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  • Thrive JR 10g Fast Acting Gel Delivery Necklace (5-pack)
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  • Thrive 15g Necklace + Replenish Combo Pack
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  • Thrive Jr. 10g Necklace + Replenish Combo Pack
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This product is amazing and can save a lot of peoples lives. Even my mother was impressed that she could even administer the gel if I were to be too weak to treat myself

Maddie from Wisconsin

As a type 1 diabetic who’s had an irrational fear of low’s since serious low many years, I LOVE your product. I’m very active- in the ocean at least once a day, along w playing a variety of sports.

Khalid from California

I feel safer knowing that I am wearing something that can raise my blood sugar in a moments notice or in an emergency situation!

Tiffany from Florida

I’ve had t1 for 30 years and my son now has it. This is amazing for those times I’ve been stuck in traffic or at work when I can’t step away and I’m having a low.

Charlie from Kentucky

... Just the other day while hiking I dropped so low. I did not have pockets to carry sugar and was forgetful with so much on my mind. ... Upon EMS making contact with me, my blood sugar was 40 mg/dl. Thankfully the outcome was good as I was found conscious, but it could have been much worse.
I just wanted to share how impactful and meaningful it was to have received a Glucose Revival necklace in the midst of what is happening in the world.

Morgan - Idaho

My better half wouldn't wake up last night, was in a deep sweat. Scared me!! I ripped the necklace off him and rubbed the gel on his gums then called 911. Before the ambulance arrived, he was awake and I gave him juice. Thank you, Thank You, Thank you!! I will forever be indebted to your business, it saved his life!!!

Deborah - Oklahoma

Thank you from the very bottom of my heart for my glucose necklace. Working on the front lines as a type 1 diabetic can be difficult enough, especially during a pandemic. Worrying about PPE, my safety, patient safety and all the different changes happening   (almost by the hour) with this little device you have helped me to not worry about hypoglycemia during this obnoxious time. Your appreciation has not gone unnoticed❤️

Kassidi - Texas

Why Use Our Glucose Necklaces?

1. Oral Glucose Gel
2. Meets American Diabetes Association recommended dose of 15g
3. Same fast acting glucose gel Emergency Medical Services uses to treat low blood sugar
4.Quickly and efficiently absorbed by your body for persons with Diabetes facing low blood sugar
5.Medical Alert Necklace containing easy to squeeze tubing with fast acting glucose gel

6.Used by EMT’s, ACTIVE diabetics and athletes
7. ALWAYS within reach!
8. Perfect for people on the go, pop the top off and squeeze the gel into your mouth
9.Ideal for anyone that might become hypoglycemic, or caregivers such as school nurses, athletic coaches, daycare providers, etc for rapid response to hypoglycemia
10. Gluten free

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