About Glucose Revival

Glucose Revival believes you should live your best life. The way we help you live your best life is through products that are safe, effective, and easy to use. We just happen to make products for people who suffer from low blood sugars.

Why We Exist. 

Our product is not only for people with diabetes, it’s just personal to us as we found out our son will have diabetes too. We wanted a solution that would be immediately available and fast acting.

There are 30 million people living with diabetes in the USA and 96 million with pre-diabetes as the world’s fastest growing disease. Those with diabetes are at risk of low blood sugar emergencies. On average, adults aged 18 years or older visit the emergency room 282,000 times for hypoglycemic episodes. The Thrive Glucose necklace can help all avoid emergency room visits and provide a safety window not available until now.

We want to help with the most common emergency associated with diabetes: hypoglycemia/low blood sugar emergencies.

Not enough is being done for those living with this disease and we want to change that!!

The American Diabetes Association recommends that every person with diabetes carry 15 grams of glucose. Thrive Glucose Necklace provides this in an easy to carry, easy to find, and easy to use form. I don’t want to see another job lost because of diabetes or because of a low blood sugar. People shouldn’t have to wait for what EMT’s use, because every minutes counts!!

Just imagine, not having to worry about running, biking, swimming, camping, dancing, hiking, skiing and most of all LIVING, living without the worry of how to take care of the next low blood sugar.

Hypoglycemia (Low blood sugar) is the leading cause of emergency room visits per year from people with diabetes.

Thrive Glucose Gel Necklace contains 15 grams of fast-acting glucose, making it easier for people to have the same solution EMT’s and firefighters use; glucose gel.

We all need that BOOST of energy at times.

Thrive Glucose is a simple solution to an all too common problem. Simply, yank off the necklace, uncap it and squeeze the gel out and apply the glucose gel to the gums, tongue and/or swallow, so you can stay safe and live the active lifestyle you wanted.


The Thrive Medical Alert Necklace can be used to treat minor, moderate and severe low blood sugars.

Thrive Glucose is held together by a magnetic clasp - which makes it easy to take off quickly in case of an emergency.

This is the only #medicalalert necklace in the world with a solution inside. In times of low blood sugar and the state of confusion, Thrive glucose is the perfect solution as it is easy to use and readily available.

One media outlet said, “this will completely change the way that diabetic athletes manage their diabetics and go about their sports and training sessions.”