Sage Donnelly



Sage Donnelly was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when she was 3 years old. She developed it at the same age as her Grandfather who passed away from complications from the disease. She took her diagnosis like a trooper, but it was still hard to adjust to a minimum of 4 shots a day, 20 finger pricks a day, and regimented eating schedules. Within 6 months of her diagnosis, she received her first pump. She enjoyed the freedom of control the pump offered as well as only giving her 1 shot every 3 days for a new catheter site for insulin delivery.

Sage is a WORLD champion and a 2020 Olympic hopeful!!!!!

Sage has not let her diabetes control her life. She skied her first double diamond ski run at age 5, (the Wall at Kirkwood Mountain Ski Resort in California) and has been an avid rock climber since she was 3, counting Yosemite’s Munjenella as one of her favorite routes, but kayaking remains her favorite sport.