Kris Maynard

Kris has lived with diabetes for almost 20 years. He is happily married with two boys. He and his family love to travel, especially around the warm ocean waters, where they can scuba. Some may call him quirky; he has made a point to visit every place mentioned in the song “Kokomo.” He has competed in 2 triathlons and currently is working on a second diabetes awareness music video. He believes in doing, not waiting or making excuses.

He established Glucose Revival because of his experiences as a Type 1 Diabetic and a firefighter/EMT because of the following factors: 1. His position in the Air Force was taken away due to his diagnosis as a type 1 diabetic. 2. For two years, his firefighter position was taken away, as a result of a low blood sugar incident. 3. Living active is important to him; yet, as any diabetic knows, it is truly challenging to be active without a lot of preparation anticipating a drop-in blood sugar. 4. Most importantly, in 2018, Kris’ and his wife learned that their youngest son has two of the autoantibodies that predict that he too will likely be diagnosed as a type 1 diabetic in the next few years. It has become his mission to help others live their lives to their fullest extent, despite a diabetes diagnosis.

Kris struggled to find answers to his questions without having to pay for it. He wants that to change for others. He became actively involved in building relationships, traveling to conferences and meeting people. His perception had been that the majority of us that share in this diagnosis are living in the shadow of the demands. He found that many people were/are hurting because of how this disease changes each one of us. Yet, from getting to know other diabetics more personally, he has seen first-hand the accomplishments each of them have made. Each one has figured out ways to not just manage the condition but excel in their own way. For the first time in his life, he has seen what the power of a team can really do as a whole and individually from Pre-diabetes to Type 1 and to Type 2. He wants to offer a platform containing FREE information, a one-stop place to get real answers from people living with this disease. To do that, he has found diabetics with diverse experiences. Kris fully believes that nothing should stop us from living the life we want to live.