Corbin & Brooklyn

Corbin and Brooklyn

Brooklyn dx 9/1/13, barely 2 years old now age 8 in 3rd grade. She is a sweet little girl who refuses to let diabetes ever stand in her way. She truly dances and cartwheels through life. I have to tell her to not cartwheel in the grocery store. She will be going into her 3rd year of dance this year and will be taking ballet, jazz and acro. She also loves arts and crafts and leaving people notes of encouragement.

Corbin was diagnosed 2/3/14 at the age of 6, now 12 years old going into 6th grade. He also refuses to let diabetes get in his way. He’s way too busy with just being a kid. He is a little jokester who is always scheming the next prank especially on his big brother. He enjoys hanging out with his friends, riding his scooter and riding his bike. He also routinely saves his hard-earned money from doing odd jobs in the neighborhood for Legos, his collection is quite extensive.

Both kids love to educate and advocate about type 1 diabetes. They have raised money for JDRF and a local camp for type 1 kids and are passionate about their message.