Pregnancy as a diabetic

I am 30 weeks pregnant. Because I love to be active, being pregnant has caused me to change my normal routine to yoga and swimming, twice in week.

After about 20 weeks of being pregnant is when I noticed to stop feeling low blood sugars. Because of this, I started wearing the Thrive necklace. This gave me the comfort I needed for swimming and the middle of the night. Fortunately my Dexcom signals when I'm low, so I can quickly take care of it. One time, I didn't have enough time to get out of the pool because I was so weak and had to use the necklace to get me back to normal.

To all the WOMAN who want to have a baby but are afraid to because of diabetes - don't worry or be nervous. I recommend, Stay as active as you can by walking and eat simple food. Some food you will need to stop eating because what I have learned while being pregnant Is, I have a  very low insulin sensitivity.
You figure out the changes needed just like every other day with diabetes. Being pregnant is wonderful!!