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Kameran Ulferts

KameranKameran Ulferts describes herself as an "enthusiasm enthusiast." Her personal mission statement encompasses her aspirations in life: "Every day I strive to be an example of God's transformative love by being a person whose enthusiastic commitment to education creates a positive environment that not only inspires others to open their hearts and minds but also brings about change to my community."

With a degree in K-12 Art Education from the University of Nebraska-Kearney, Kameran works as an educator for 4-H Youth Development in Nebraska where she facilitates STEAM and Youth Entrepreneurship programming. She believes that focusing on the design elements and principles enhances the experiential-learning process for youth. Outside of her work with 4-H, Kameran is also an entrepreneur herself; creating custom paintings and murals in her spare time.

Aside from her day job, Kameran is working alongside a research group at Creighton University investigating the barriers that people affected by T1D in rural communities encounter living a long distance from the services of a pediatric Endocrinologist. Kameran feels passionate about this research because she (and her younger brother) grew up in a rural town of 1,400 in Nebraska and were both diagnosed with T1D as children. Recently, Kameran has also been instrumental in writing for the College Diabetes Network "Off to Work Guide" resource where she wrote a section dedicated to the challenges and triumphs associated with living with type 1 and working with youth. Alongside T1D research and writing, Kameran remains actively involved in the diabetes community with the Nebraska-Southwest Iowa JDRF chapter, several College Diabetes Network chapters in Nebraska as well as Camp Floyd Rogers, a summer camp for youth who live with T1D.

Kameran also actively maintains an Instagram and a blog to further tell her story in hopes of connecting with other people living with T1D, specifically undeserved audiences who don't often find T1D connections readily available in their every day lives. Kameran has written several blogs and pieces for the College Diabetes Network blog. Kameran believes that using these platforms helps her to break the silence and break the stereotypes by sharing her story and showing the world what it really is like to live with type 1 diabetes.

"Through the triumphs and trials with type 1 diabetes, I have found a fire that burns deep within to educate and motivate others. Because of this disease, I have been in some bad places. Due to the physical tole this disease places on my body, my mental health has suffered as well. Through those dark mental walls I have discovered that attitude is everything. I have learned to make healthy and positive choices in my life in order to keep myself healthy and happy so that I can enjoy life to the fullest.

There truly isn't a better feeling than taking control of my disease, educating others on type 1, and leading by example by showing others that this disease does not define me, my work ethic, my joy, or my aspirations."