Joseph Family

Arielle Joseph "Tifi" was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at 3.5yrs old on 12/13/2018. After diagnosis, Arielle became determined to not let T1D slow her down nor stop her from doing what she loves to do! Arielle is athletic,silly,artistic,musical,active,loving and an adventurous little girl. She is so excited to start Pre-K and Ballet soon! Arielle uses the Dexcom G5 (cgm) and Insulin injections for managing her T1D. Through all the highs and lows of T1D, Arielle has become a Warrior. She brings HOPE to all who know her! Arielle is starting to get involved in the T1D community. She is raising awareness for T1D through instagram, fundraisers and events for JDRF. Follow Arielle "Tifi" to see how she is "Winning With Diabetes" on Instagram: @T1DTifi

The Joseph Family

Duckhein and Bethany Joseph live in Spokane, WA with their daughter Arielle and son Samuel. Their lives changed forever when their daughter Arielle was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes on 12/13/18 at 3.5 years old.

As a family, they chose to support Arielle to the fullest and they encouraged her to live beyond her Type 1 Diabetes. Her fight, became their fight! Managing this disease (T1D) for their daughter is a constant struggle that involves monitoring Arielle's blood sugar level, administering her insulin needle injections, and carefully balancing her insulin doses with eating and daily activities to stay alive. With T1D there are NO days off, and there is NO cure, but there is HOPE. The Joseph family has not lost HOPE in this journey, instead they have become vocal about T1D, raising awareness, educating others, getting involved in the T1D community and JDRF. They will tell you that this journey is not easy, but it Is WORTH IT!

"T1D Was Not In Our Family's Game Plan, But It Made Us A Stronger Team ." -The Joseph Family